uCalc is currently a one-man operation. With the exciting developments being made in uCalc Language Builder, some of which you can see in the latest beta, I anticipate that large numbers of people will eventually adopt this technology. This will require a growing uCalc team. From the start I want to set a precedent of hiring the best and brightest. If you are a highly skilled programmer, highly self-motivated, and looking to get involved with an exciting new technology, then this opportunity might be for you.

NOTE: Most of these jobs are not yet available. Read through the descriptions now to see if you qualify, and stay tuned for further development, so you can be ready to apply as soon as the time comes. Some jobs like Technical Support, Technology Evangelist, and Opportunity Scout might open sooner than the others.

This listing was last revised on: 8/18/11 (minor revisions posted in Jan 2013).

Tech Support Specialist
A technical support programmer is needed in order to assist others in getting up and running with uCalc Fast Math Parser (and eventually uCalc LB). The main area of need for now is interfacing uCalc with both older and current versions of compilers such as Visual C/C++, C#, Visual Basic (.NET and classic), Borland C++ Builder, Delphi, PowerBASIC, LabVIEW, etc. Tech support will also compile a bug report, and a list of things customers commonly have difficulty with.

Required skills/experience:
  • Very good understanding of Unicode and its various encodings, as well as the many string types encountered in various compilers
  • Active experience providing friendly and effective technical support via e-mail and/or in a programming forum
  • Experience managing a forum is a plus
  • Good communication skills (with customers as well as coworkers)
  • Extensive experience on the Windows platform
  • Extensive experience with at least one .NET compiler, one non-.NET compiler and some proficiency in other leading Windows compilers
  • Proficiency in PowerBASIC is a plus
  • Must become very proficient in uCalc products
  • Must be very adept at keeping up-to-date with the latest in programming technology
  • Bachelor degree in Computer Science or 3+ years experience giving software technical support
Open Source Manager
uCalc Language Builder is designed to create programming languages. Starting code for languages such as BASIC, Tcl, Forth, Python, and more are included in the Aug 2011 beta. The plan is to extend these (and other languages currently on the shortlist for a next time), and add new languages, with help from the programming community, under open source.

  • Extensive experience organizing and contributing to open source projects
  • Good understanding of distributed revision control software
  • Must be able to develop a good understanding of uCalc Language Builder at this early stage without a lot of hand-holding
  • Must have a good understanding of various open source license options that are commonly in use today
  • Must have knowledge of the various repositories (Sourceforge, Google, etc.)
  • Must be highly proficient in at least 3 of the following language groups, and sufficiently familiar with the rest: BASIC, C, Forth, Lisp, Logo, Lua, Pascal, Perl, Python, Ruby, Tcl, XML, XSLT, etc
  • Some experience creating a scripting language or compiler is a plus, even if it was only done experimentally
  • Good general communication skills
  • Ability to occasionally do presentations in programming conferences is a plus
  • Bachelor degree in Computer Science or 3+ years experience
Newsletter Writer
Someone is needed to write an ongoing newsletter that relates to uCalc Language Builder. This person would also periodically write articles for submission to other programming-related publications.

  • Good command of the English language (good grammar, spelling, writing style, etc)
  • Experience writing in programming-related publications
  • Ability to learn the ins and outs of uCalc Language Builder without much hand-holding
  • High proficiency in at least one or two programming languages, and familiarity with many others
  • Master's degree or better in Computer Science is preferred
Software Developer
Software developers are needed for various exciting projects related to uCalc Language Builder. No one individual needs all of the skills to carry out all of the following tasks. But the more versatile you are the better. Here are some potential projects:
  1. Develop domain specific languages with uCalc LB to tackle the needs of various companies and other entities
  2. Develop general purpose uCalc libraries that can serve many of these languages
  3. Develop a smooth link between uCalc and existing APIs, compilers, and other programming tools
  4. Develop interesting new programs and tools with uCalc LB
  5. Develop a tool for converting uCalc code to CIL (MSIL)
  6. Develop other language converters
  7. Create a new general purpose programming language
  8. Create a platform for developing apps/gadgets for today's smart phones, tablets, social networks using uCalc LB
  9. Develop useful online tools that make use of uCalc LB
  10. Contribute to the uCalc LB open source projects
  11. Re-develop uCalc Graphing Calculator and Dacorbi Pattern Search with a more up-to-date interface
  • High proficiency with at least one compiled language and an unrelated scripting language
  • Ability to develop a deep understanding of uCalc LB without much hand-holding
  • Extensive grasp of various existing programming algorithms, concepts, paradigms and methodologies
  • Ability to work smoothly in a team with other developers
  • Ability to quickly grasp new programming ideas and to stay abreast of current programming technology
  • Good programming style, with emphasis on clarity, simplicity, and effectiveness
  • Ability to develop software relatively quickly
  • Bachelor degree in Computer Science or 4+ years of solid programming experience

Technology Evangelist
Have you played with the latest beta of uCalc Language Builder, and felt that it's on path to become the best thing since sliced bread? Do you see uCalc LB's approach of having the computer learn the user's language, rather than requiring the user to learn the computer's language as the future? Are you already calculating the many ways you can reach people regarding uCalc LB? Have you begun to wonder how programmers managed without it? Do you envision uCalc LB or its derivatives as becoming as commonplace as concepts such as the touch screen or USB drive? If you have difficulty containing yourself with excitement about uCalc, then this job might be for you. The technology evangelist will rely on his/her creativity to spread the word about uCalc.

  • Good communication skills
  • Persuasive personality
  • Creativity
  • Experience writing blogs, tweets, published articles, etc.
  • Ability to develop a deep grasp of the essence of uCalc LB, as well as its practical uses
  • Extensive experience and proficiency in at least 2 programming languages
  • Must already be well respected within a given computer programming community
  • Willingness to travel to various computer programming gatherings to learn, and also share
  • Bachelor degree in Computer Science
Technology Educator
The person(s) in this position are needed for tasks such as the following:
  1. Create instructional Youtube videos for uCalc LB
  2. Create interactive tutorials
  3. Create static text tutorials
  4. Create whitepapers
  5. On-site and/or video conferencing instruction to current and potential customers
  6. Preparation of curriculum-friendly uCalc LB material for use in schools
  7. Preparation of coursework to certify programmers in the use of uCalc LB and related tools
  8. Organization of periodic gatherings where people can share and learn about the latest uCalc LB-related developments
  9. Eventually write a book, and/or collaborate with anyone else who plans to write about uCalc
  • Master's degree in education, communications, and/or computer science
  • Either one of the following: an MCT (Microsoft Certified Trainer) or MCLC (Microsoft Certified Learning Consultant); or else 3 other Microsoft or comparable certifications (such as MCTS, MCPD, MCM, etc.)
If you are a student and want to try an internship, an MTA or equivalent might be sufficient.
A webmaster is needed for tasks such as the following:
  1. Re-design the ucalc.com website, making use of modern features
  2. Develop a better online store system for placing orders
  3. Constantly monitor the site to make sure everything's running smoothly
  4. Set up and maintain a more modern forum system
  5. Set the tone for a friendly and lively forum
  6. Monitor the forum and remove spam
  7. Perform search engine optimization (only the good and above board kind)
  8. Interface uCalc LB programs with the website using CGI
  • High level of proficiency in 2 or more of the following languages: Java, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Perl
  • High level of proficiency in: HTML, XML, CGI, SQL, CSS
  • Proficiency in some or all of the following is desirable: ASP.NET, AJAX, ADO.NET, XSLT, FBML
  • Good sense of graphic design, layouts, and aesthetics
  • Good understanding of security issues
  • Good understanding of search engine optimization (only the above board standard kind)
  • Familiarity with all major web browsers
  • Creativity, and familiarity with other websites that make creative use of technology
  • Experience with phpBB or other popular forum software
  • Good command of the English language (good grammar, spelling, writing style)
  • Proficiency in other natural languages besides English is a plus
  • Proficiency in content management tools
  • Experience in creating/maintaining an attractive professional website
  • Experience setting up and/or maintaining an online store
  • Ability to keep abreast of ongoing developments in the field of creating websites
Opportunity Scout
The Opportunity Scout(s) will spend time scouring the Internet and/or non-virtual places in search of companies, organizations, or other entities, that have problems for which uCalc LB can provide an excellent solution. The scouts will share this information with uCalc developers, who will in turn create the necessary customized solutions, the sales specialist who will turn the lead into a sale, and/or with uCalc technology educators who can create instructional tools for these entities. This job may also entail setting up (in collaboration with webmasters and uCalc developers) an online interface for matching third party uCalc solution providers with companies that may need given solutions.

Requirements skills:
  • Broad interests beyond computer programming, in fields of science, engineering, education, business, the arts, etc.
  • Ability to get a good handle of what uCalc LB does and how it might be applicable in various situations
  • High proficiency in Windows (and/or later in Mac and Linux)
  • Proficiency in two or more common programming languages
  • Must feel comfortable reading technical journals, trade magazines, research papers, whitepapers and the like
  • Good communication skills
  • Master's degree in any field
Advertisement Specialist
The advertisement specialist will help formulate advertisements, and deploy them on Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Youtube, Twitter, online publications related to programming, more general publications (online and offline), school publications, and anywhere else where it might be effective. The specialist will help spot these other areas. The specialist will measure effectiveness of the ads and adapt them as necessary.

  • Creativity
  • Good command of the English language (good grammar, spelling, writing style, etc.)
  • Good sense of graphic design and layout
  • Some proficiency in programming
  • Must be interested in keeping up to date with technological trends
  • Must develop a working understanding of uCalc Language Builder and other uCalc products
  • Knowledge of ad requirements for various platforms
  • Clever sense of clean humor that can be used in ads is a plus
  • 2+ years of recent experience creating advertisements
Sales Specialist
A sales specialist is needed for tasks such as the following:
  1. Follow up on the Opportunity Scout's leads and close the deal
  2. Work in tandem with the advertisement specialist to ensure that the ads generate sales
  3. Work with the webmaster to develop an effective online store for purchasing uCalc products
  4. Maintain a liaison with reseller companies, and make sure they are maximizing sales for uCalc products
  5. Develop and manage a system for independent sales associate individuals who want to sell uCalc products for a commission
  6. Develop tiered pricing for uCalc so that people pay only for the parts they need and get the best value for what they paid for without paying less than what they'd be willing to pay
  7. Make sure current customers are aware of latest product versions and understand the benefits of purchasing an upgrade
  8. Make sure corporate customers know they should go for the multi-license instead of sharing one license with the entire team
  9. Periodically provide discounts and other promotional incentives
  • Some proficiency in programming
  • Must be able to develop a working understanding of uCalc Language Builder and other products
  • Persuasive, but honest personality
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Friendly disposition
  • Must be well versed in social media
  • Must feel comfortable collaborating with a team
  • Bachelor's degree or 3+ years of experience in sales
Public Relations Specialist
The PR specialist will help to raise brand awareness for uCalc. This may involve tasks such as:
  1. Writing and sending out press releases
  2. Being available for media interviews
  3. Creating content for a landing page for the press at ucalc.com
  4. Organizing uCalc programming competitions
  5. Organizing awards for those who make good use of uCalc technology
  6. Finding interesting events that uCalc can sponsor
  7. Generating human interest stories highlighting interesting ways people are using uCalc
  8. Attending many programming and technological events in order to network
  9. Making presentations at some of these events
  10. Preparation of business cards, labeled pens, etc., for distribution at these events and also for use by other uCalc employees
  11. Helping to design a memorable uCalc logo and slogan(s)
  12. Forming liaisons with other technology companies
  • Good command of the English language (good speech, grammar, spelling, writing style, etc.)
  • Proficiency in other languages beyond English is a plus
  • Good communication skills
  • Good command of PowerPoint or equivalent
  • Creativity
  • Ability to develop a good understanding of uCalc Language Builder
  • Some experience in programming
  • Willingness to travel
  • Proficiency in social media
  • Friendly, confident, and honest personality
  • Master's degree in marketing or MBA with a focus on marketing, or 4 years experience
The anticipation is that this list will grow over time. However, if you can already think of another way in which you can provide substantial value to uCalc then let yourself be known.

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