Graphing Calculator Not Up-to-date

uCalc Graphing Calculator was released years ago, and relied on features no longer supported in Windows 7 and beyond. At startup, you will get an error message. Once you get past the error message the calculator will work. The part that won't work is the animated cartoon character used in the tutorial. You may want to consider using uCalc Console Calculator instead for now.


If you are a student who wants to plot those equations the teacher gave for math assignment, or an engineer looking for a great scientific calculator, or a home user who wants to convert between units of measure (such as teaspoons to tablespoons for that special recipe), or you want to compute the number of mortgage payments that are left by simply filling in the blanks, then this multi-purpose calculator is for you.


Here is the list of main features for the uCalc Graphing Calculator:

expr45.gif convert.gif usm.gif graphing.gif eqsolve.gif

This calculator works on Windows 98, 2000, Me, NT, XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.
Note: Windows 7 and beyond no longer come with MS Agent, which is required for the animated tutorial. That component can be downloaded separately from Microsoft, for Windows 7, but apparently not for Windows 8

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